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Discover Lake Chabot: San Leandro’s Beautiful Hidden Gem!

On May 24, 2020
Every morning the light changes the mood of Lake Chabot. Every day new discoveries unfold as you make your way around the lake. After sheltering in place for over two months, you may be ready for that 4-hour hike. Or just an hour hike? Entering the park from Estudillo Dr off the I 580, the walk all the way around Lake Chabot is 9 miles. Trekking to Bass Cove and back is only 3. To tour the whole lake, be sure to pack in a lunch or power bars with lots of water.  You will be amazed by the stunning vistas along the path – views of the lake through an artist’s eyes. Lush green oaks, manzanita, cedar, pines and eucalyptus are painted with wildflower displays such as the Shortstem Morning Glory and Baby Blue Eyes. Here is their plant identification guide to get you started.and their Lake Chabot Califlora guide. Built in 1874 as the primary source of water for the East Bay Lake Chabot reservoir still serves as a standby emergency water resource today.  A historical tour of the lake sta>>Read more

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